Basic Living Intl

Basic Living Supply & Service

Since every each of us become a human being, we started immediately needing things to use as in "supply" by others, and "service" as help or assistance needed to be served also else by others who are interest to do (to earn) as career which we do not choose to work on our own.

For example:

While you are assembling computers to earn for your own living, you have to go to a restaurant for food at your lunch time if you did not cook at home or as you don't do cooking "service" as your career. As in reverse, if anyone else or even the restaurant owner needs a computer to set up his/her restaurant for record keeping, you will be in turn to "supply" a computer as a need of others in give and take: paying or receiving currency as exchange in more or less or equally.

This is just a brief description of a variety between the two words: supply & service; still there are also wide range of level and tasks in order to be producing or supplying industry until ready to distribute via wholesale or directly by retail, as by doing a business so needed to fulfill in need of other business or to consumer for basic living which is vital for each and every human.  

Just to be able to alive as human shall never be too difficult in needs of anything. That is one of many strong reasons why we start this business to provide for anyone who eager to establish as a "supply" or "service" business for each own as an important career, fast and easy between and among everyone, every family, and every community. We have many available options for you to choose locally or from distance, buy, sell, lease, rent, bid, or in exchange base on what is best match for your needs.

Happy Picking!

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Investment Options

There are also many small businesses are available to be invested in and around your zip code or nearest locations, worldwide. As seeing is believing, if you are as a potential investor, you can feel free to consult by your own eyes in real time or as by a buyer experience: via actual purchasing a product or service at least, from the business you are interest to invest in real-world business function. Just as this or such as is in researching consumer traffic or customer satisfaction will give you choices which to pick till you get one to invest how you need.

Those options include ownership operational opportunity in many ways such as to share amount of percentage shall be as an investment, at the same time you can work together at selectable/variable positions such as by an owner or just as by an entry level  trainee. However, you will earn profit amount as immediate return of investment in addition to your basic salary as of guarantee indemnity. Also no need to or does not have to involve in operation or of taking any risk. Those options will give you having greater security to your investment or to your own career security or personal privacy at safe-side including the security of your loved ones. More information can be looked up here.

Only to be Careful is: too many echo investment providers are out there or here in risky world. Those usually use strong media advertising via the wrong word "competition" in hacking illegally to intangible invention or innovative assets owned by others that none of their own.  Make sure that you select the most trusted one.

Choose wisely at your best!

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